Ok …so here goes.

Funny ,for my tigress buddy to randomly ask me “Are you content?”

I wasn’t sure.Yes …and a little bit of no.

Yes,because I have a beautiful family, some amazing friends especially my Tigress .To an extent , money enough to pay most bills but not enough for that fancy meal at the St Regis . Not going to deny the fact that money DOES make the world go round.Its tttrruueeeee


So back to being content….yes I work at a desk,most days 9am-7pm .I love it but the one thing that lights my fire …. F&B.The slightly fancy ones but certainly not those I need to keep my voice down .The ones that serve coffee at RM 15 instead of the regular RM2.50 .Or a nice gin tonic with a slice of cucumber peel .Get my drift?

So this blog is dedicated to all things fancy.

Not designer bags…but I like a designer holiday .Exotic destinations .Amazing customer service (at affordable prices). Like the time I went to Maldives during the rainy season (Idiot me!!!)

So to answer your question,Tigress…

A little dose of fancy completes the equation for ” Am I Truly Content?”

This one s for u ,Babe …I mean Tigress.

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