Birch for brekkie

What is worse than needing to wake up on a rainy Sunday morning ? NOTHING!

It felt that way for Tigress.But she succumbed to it ,since she couldn’t say no.

So first things first ,Americano .Oh yeah, did I also mention ,it’s diet week 1?

Ok now that we were done with the first sip, we picked a slice of the nutty banana loaf and the cinnamon roll from the bakery section .

What looked like a slice,filled me up nicely .Wasnt too sweet ,but I figured it didn’t do justice to the “nutty” bit.The cinnamon roll was served slightly cold ,helped when they warmed it after .

Birch @ the newly opened Damansara City Mall is a bright new eatery.Extremely pleasing to the eye ,and it helps that service is very good. They have a 9am – 3 pm brunch menu ,but I do think you should call in for a reservation as it’s pretty much a hotspot on a Sunday morning. Price was ok (RM 46 ish) , we had 2 Americanos,a latte and 2 items that didn’t go well with our diet plan .

Will I come here again ? Yes ,I hear it’s beautiful at nite with some lovely cocktails .

I loved the ambience , but was it worth the early morning rise ? I think so .

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