My Mei Mei

It’s that time of the year that you start wondering what I want for my birthday.

This ritual has been going on for…hmmm….nearly 2 decades now .Can’t say you have improved .

Remember that time when you hooked up that Christmas tree the nite before Christmas , so I would wake up surprised .How bout that time we swam with the elephants at the sanctuary.Ok fine ,I swam with the elephants and its poo floating by me .Yes , also that diary you had about everywhere we went together with those receipts attached .Thats exactly what I want!!!!!

I don’t want jewellery .I know my mother (and mother in law ) hyperventilate when I have no ear rings on , but if you gave me a chance , I would not have any jewellery on me .Oh, no clothes please. If only I could, I would wear the same clothes on repeat all day.Black and more black.Oh yes , and not an ounce of makeup and if I could help it , not needing to comb my hair .And, NO I don’t like pink !

Babe , I don’t say this often enough.

I love you for how you love your family , I love you for how you respect and treat mine , I love every time you irritatingly hug and kiss me especially when I want you out of the way , I love that you re a ball of Personality , I love that u re so smart , I also love that you have zero anger issues and most of all ,how you think I woo-ed you.

(Let me NOT start on all the things I don’t love about you , I ll save that for the day when you get me another Tag)

Let’s go back to how it used to be .Dont overthink the gift .It’s the little things that ticks me .Lets make those memories till you can afford my Porsche (Kidding !!!!!! ) If you haven’t already got the drift ,MAKE AN EFFORT IDIOT.

Let’s make the days count , You and I .I don’t need those designers , I have you ………100kg of it.

Mei mei,you re my everything !

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