img_7896Japanese , instead of the sushi/ sashimi , we decided on ramen instead. Prior to the walk- in , we have had no previous knowledge of this restaurant. Just felt like something Japanese , something close to home and fuss-free.

We were welcomed well by the staff, with what felt like a loud cheer on arrival. Menus were given all around , and since we are all small eaters , we decided to order – to – share.

Staff were friendly and tried to explain to us , as best as they could on the items on the menu.

We ordered the Aburi Salmon , comes in 3 pieces. Was ok. Then the Spicy Karaage , comes in 4 pieces. Very juicy , tender and a hint of spicy. Lovely. Also , the Ishiyaki- salmon chaofan , that was filling , with right amounts of salmon , egg and fried rice.The fun part about it ,was the kind waiter would mix the salmon and rice at the table . That kept the kids entertained for 10 seconds with the rice piping hot, and the fumes seen with every stir.

Saving  the best for last , the Bari-Uma. ( just so you know , it means super tasty) True to its name , it tasted amazing . The soup was thick , noodles perfect in consistency and the two strips of pork felt luscious when ingested.For those non – ramen lovers, you have to try this. Game changer for sure.

We had kids in tow , and so we  requested for a  soup to compliment their rice. They served us a bowl of light clear soup, which truthfully at RM 10, I didn’t think was worth the price.But the Ajitama (flavoured egg) at RM 2.00 was well worth.

Prices are a little steep for certain items, but flavors pretty awesome. We tried the Bari-Uma at Jaya Supermarket , Petaling Jaya. Easy parking, no reservation required. Staff very friendly and obliging.

Below was our dinner bill  for 4  small eaters and 2 kids.


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  1. Sivaghami says:

    Sounds super interesting . Gonna try it out !!tq Pho


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