Riuh in the city

What started as a lazy Sunday  morning turned out to be much more.


Continuing the Deepavali fever,we Grab-ed our way to Apw ,Jalan Riong.(grab was having a promo) It was the Deepavali event by Riuh in the city .A weekend affair happening once a month ,usually celebrating a Malaysian festival ,and this month happens to be the Diwali event .This space hosts events, pop-up  stores and food stalls all under one roof.( not really a roof but a very big event space , very creative one I must add)

We started off with coffee from the Airstream Cafe and 3 for RM 17 choc chic with peanut butter cookie from Dope Dough.Dope literally in a cookie ! Comfy wooden boxes in front of the stage,while we had a crooner matthewmckelson .He was soooo good.His set lasted half an hour.Not sure how he has that kinda stamina but he was lovely .




Then off to the pop- up stores.

First stop at Merrack & Co ,MASSIVE Discounts . Sadly both the shoes I wanted , were sold out in my size .The espradillas are comfy and perfect for the girl who lives in comfort and not heels .

Then came So.lek.What  a hospitable threesome team .Super friendly and a pretty hot “arm ” model.He had all the colors on his arm , for easy reference .I got the Anggerik.Its so nice having a homegrown team doing so well .Big love you guys .Did I mention that they were so nice and sweet?

Hopped on to the next stall that had a saree tutorial.Already know I am gonna need her help on one such style .Amazing work that one .Check her FB page Thiviyah Nathan



Been following sareeonmovement.Funny how a following on Instagram has got me hooked on Sarees.Have got 2 new handlooms and even managed to drape a saree on Diwali day, and “saree-ed”on for 8 hours .Big pat on my back.

The kids ( & adults) had a gala time with the bubbles and sand art just outside the back door of Pulp.


Riuh in the city, you truly outdid yourself.

All in all , fantastic Sunday spent . Cant wait for the next line- up next month.

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