Master Viper is a green tree viper with two small lotus flowers on top of her head. Although she has a serious birth defect for her species, being born with barely visible venomous fangs, she compensates with her strength, sinuous nature, beauty, and precision. In defiance of the villainous stereotype of snakes, Viper is the most charming, kind, compassionate and sweetest of the Five as demonstrated with her quickly developing empathy for Po as his indomitable tenacity became obvious and being the only one who didn’t mock him in any way. She also acts as the “mother hen” of the group, trying to defuse arguments and conflicts between her friends and their differing personalities.

*full Viper attached :viper

I was going to write this on your birthday , but being the impatient one , I couldn’t wait the two long months.And ,so I decided today, practically in anticipation of a night I can’t wait to experience.

( by the time you read this, we would have already  experienced the experience)

For starters…..

I know you re going through a rough patch and you feel the world is closing down on you. BUT, yeah, shit happens and that’s just how life is. I can’t even begin to explain the logic behind it and I don’t  have a solution to it.Sorry babe , can’t help you there.

But , what I need you to know is….

Lets rewind to nearly a decade of REALLY knowing you , and maybe two decades of being acquainted. My first impression of you…….unfriendly, snobbish and just too fru fru for the world.Just never thought , 20 years down the line, you would be one of my closest friends.And , a really nice ,hot one ,too.

Your facade does make anybody ( including me)  shiver around you. You have the no nonsense look and have zero tolerance for idiotic- ness.( And yes, we do have a share of that allllll the time ) .But over the years ( more so this past 5 years), you have been the opposite of what I ever imagined.”Pavlova” sweet  kinda  nice , super forgiving and accepting (sometimes to unimaginable levels ), gooey, soft & mushy in nature , super smart and SOOOOO CAPABLE. I have learnt so much from you , and continue doing so everyday .Of course ,very clearly, not progressed very far in fashion sense . pffffffttt. slow learner me.

I just wish you would believe in yourself a wee bit more and probably think about you,you and you, a little more . All you do is give , give ,give and forget you deserve to give yourself a break, every once in a while. The world will still twirl round and round, so you don’t need to be ” on guard” all day e’rr’day.

This is your prime Viper , do what you need to do . Live those dreams.You will shine . So what if you fail .It doesn’t matter .Take that step , head high, chin up in the air . Ten years down the line , you ‘ll be glad you did , instead of ” I wish I did”. Go conquer the world, you are destined for greatness.

To my Viper , thank you for being such a star , not just for me , but for our purple team . You can ( and , will ) rule the world, one Hermes at a time.



p/s: mystery unveiled to why you can’t sleep at night


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