THE thai experience- you must

Saving the best for last . If you have just one night in Samui, do this. Truuussttttt me , you won’t regret this . EVERRRRR. There is a reason why it tops on trip advisor.


So , booking a spot was easy. I did this about 3 weeks prior to arrival.A quick email, some deposit across and voila , seats booked.The night before the dinner , an email is sent to confirm time of pick- up.

And , on the dot, our van picked us up at 6:15 pm to start  the thai experience. Another two set of pick – ups and we headed to our destination. About 20 minutes from Bophut.

We were greeted by Phyo ,outside and was welcomed , with a nice sweet fruity cocktail. We introduced ourselves and Claire , the bubbly owner that runs The Thai Experience showed us to our seats . We put on our aprons and hats to play mixologists for the night .


We were seated in a long table ,  12 of us , but I hear some nights , they cater up to about 20-22 pax. Clearly I am not going to disclose what happens over the 4 hours , coz thats what the experience is all about .

(That’s My beautiful country ,right there .Malaysia represent !)


Yes ,as an Asian, our currency isn’t that great , so yes, its a tad pricey as compared to wat it would cost Americans or Europeans. BUTTTTTT , I still feel its well worth it. It costs about RM 280 ( thanks to our shitty currency) but that includes transport , food till you want to burst and free flow alcohol throughout the night.


Its not just a dining experience , not just a cocktail making session ………its a mix of laughter, intoxication , merry making ,eating till you can’t breathe and just enjoying Claire, Phyo and Mio ( who makes all our drinks).


By the end of the night, I wanted to finish the dessert so bad, but I just had no room for it. AT ALL.Like seriously, no space at all.

If you re vegetarian, there are options. If you have allergies , they custom make your food . If you dont drink, crazy you, but yes, you still have options.

Oh wow, Claire , I loved it . So I saved the best for last.

And with that, I conclude my Samui posts.

Check their website. Everything is on it –

P/S: Apparently the Thai experience was inspired by the one in Argentina , The Argentine Experience . Here s hoping I win the lottery !

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