Jaffna food festival @ Aliyaa


U had me at ” Jaffna”.

There was no way I was going to miss the Jaffna Food Festival @ Aliyaa held few days ago .Made it on the first day with the girls .

Started off downstairs with a thodi inspired cocktail and another Sri Lankan gin cocktail paired with  canapés . And the night just got better every minute .We were so           famished ,we  downed our  cocktails and hurried upstairs .

We were shown to our seats and ushered to what you might call an entire room of food ,food ,food and food. Food all so familiar yet my heart skipped a beat just looking at the “chattis ” brewing .Felt like I was seated at our kitchen with my Appuma cooking up a storm for our family get-togethers . Comfort dining at its BEST.

Dived for the string hoppers with some pol sambal,egg curry and anchovies on the side .

Second round was crabs …cooked in spice and the second option ,spicier. Had me salivating .The kind  waiters tied our aprons , coz at this point we had already ditched our cutlery ,for our fingers .The only way to eat crabs ,I must say.

After two rounds of crabs ,literally so finger licking good , …I savoured some rice drowned in crab curry to fulfill my carb quota for the night .With my tongue on fire ,I only craved for more.




Then came the brown sugar appam .Oh wow! The kind that melts in your mouth .Tasted like the best appam I have ever had.I HAD to have seconds.There were many varieties , ranging from plain , egg , brown sugar, white sugar , probably any version you want them to do. The staff are easy that way.And they are made to order , so it comes piping hot .

One hour into the meal,I knew I had overaten . We couldn’t move ,we couldn’t even take another sip of water .GREED.

Cocktails were free flow all nite .One gin based the other thodi based.Thought was also put into the cocktails ,very jaffna-inspired.

We dragged our feet home,in glutton stupor.

With that kind of gluttony ,it took me an hour to actually fall asleep .Pure greed but it was well worth the discomfort .

The experience was made better by the staff. They would bring in food , by  request , as it got harder walking with the weight in our tummies.Cutlery changed after every plate was cleared. Nothing was too difficult .They were genuinely passionate .

Aliyaa ,you stole my heart ❤️. You always do.

s : They have a bar in case cocktails aren't your thing!


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