Renewing Kakak’s Indonesian Passport In Malaysia



It has been bugging me , but procrastinating is my hobby!

I knew her permit was due to expire but I was hoping it wouldn’t. And when I finally decided to look into it, hell yes, it expired 2 days ago. I hurried on to the MYEG website, hoping the site wouldn’t realize it , but of course it did. What’s worse, her passport has a validity of less than a year , so that means I ll need to head to the Indonesian Embassy before heading to Immigression to extend her permit.


So , headed to the Indonesian Embassy on Tuesday , arrived at 7:55 am. The moment I stepped out , a man rushes to me to ask if I have purchased the insurance. So he guides me to a make shift hut , where I buy the insurance (Malaysian ) that cost me RM 90 .( we previously were required to buy an Indonesian insurance as well , however that’s been scraped off now – hooray! ) All done in less than 5 minutes.

Then , head into the embassy , where an uniformed personnel peeks at the documents before allowing you to enter. Few steps in , then into a room on your left . Here, photo is taken and a number is given , and a quick check of documents. ( mine was number A130) . Head back into the corridor, and up one floor before walking into another room where there were about 200 people waiting.Every alphabet depicts different reasons for being there , I am guessing marriage certificates , newborn registration ,deaths etc.( I think)

It was 8:15 am , the number running was A035 . I sat , walked around, people watched, read a book , went to pee and did this multiple times over. There were 4 counters servicing us between 8 am – 9 am and eventually the numbers doubled at 9 am                   ( counters 8-21). We got called at 11:20 am   ( yes you heard me right,  3 hours later ) .She needed the original passport ( and a copy of it ) for the renewal process . Paid for her passport renewal  that cost RM 48 ( Employer sits behind the screen , only helper goes in by the way ) .She in return ,passed us a collection slip, whereby passport to be collected between 11 am – 1am on Friday (three  days later).

Then we headed to the counters 1-3 .Situated on the right as you enter the huge waiting room .( you could do this while waiting to renew your passport). Only noticed this being done by employers who brought their foreign workers . Not sure what happens if the foreign worker had come alone.

Documents required are :

  • 2 copy of employer s IC
  • 2 copy of foreign worker ‘s passport – front page, permit * have her Malaysian and Indonesian address  with phone number written at the reverse side of passport  1 st page photostated copy
  • 2 copies of contract ( requires witness signatures, hence its easier to get it done at home .Form can be downloaded here kontrak kerja .Instead of searching for witness at the embassy.
  • 2 copy of insurance ( the one purchased outside the embassy)- The insurance guy already gives you 2 copies.So no need to photostat.

* If you were going as a representative , you will need a copy of your IC as representative and a letter of representation as well ( I had it typed out in Malay , just in case, but the staff didn’t even read it.So I am guessing it doesn’t really matter ).

I hear previously they would interview the foreign worker without the presence of the employer, but that didn’t happen this time around.They did stress that the minimum wage is RM 1000 / month.( and this is signed on the contract)

Once that was done , we were ready to go.Left the embassy at 12:10 pm , so that’s approximately 4 hours to renew her passport.

Came by three days later, collected the passport at the same spot where photos were taken , and then a floor up to collect the kontrak kerja ( still not sure why it’s required but when we picked up the passport, the personnel had asked us again if the contract was signed ) . All done in 15 minutes .


Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia

No. 233 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, 50400 Malaysia
Tel: +603-2116-4000 ( Don’t bother calling, nobody answers )

*you can have an agent do all this for Ringgit 1500 , if you have the money and no time to spare.





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