Arts and Lights – by Mah Sing

Arts and Lights by Mah Sing , seriously a very unique event held yesterday and this weekend of 25 th/ 26 th November. Yes to this , for you , your kids and anybody for that matter. #instaaddicts – this place is for you.

First log on to

get your tickets here 

You ‘ ll need to register yourselves and the bar code is scanned at the entrance.( it’s free folks , just so you know)

Happens over the weekend from 12 pm till 9 pm ( last entry at 8 pm)

I was there last night at 7 pm , easy parking at ICON City , PJ . There was valet or you could use the lower ground parking. RM 1 / hour. ( Grab is their official sponsor, so there’s a deal going on as well ) Ample spots and very convenient.Footsteps pasted on the floors to take you to the exhibition space from the parking lot , so for those with direction problems , EASY. You seriously won’t  get lost.

Multiple stations for kids and adults alike. I went with my  kids , the first two stations were the most fun for them.

Vista interactive wall , kids ( and adults can do this ,too) get to color a space ship or a bus ….once done, a friendly staff would  scan it , and its brought to life on a floor to ceiling aquarium . Highly interactive , so you can touch the screen and the space ship launches or your bus gets all flame- y like a fire cracker.


Them watching in awe. Looking for their buses literally coming to life!


Learn how to make your own slime . Pretty long line as you can imagine the number of kids who wanna do this .




The other rooms , had a waiting time of about 3- 5 minutes on average. There are time limits in the rooms as well , usually about 5 minutes . Yes, enough time to take as many photos as you ENOUGH.

Aruna in the sky. Probably my favourite room after  the digi wishing tree     .Pretty fluffy clouds with a seriously big beautiful moon.There were two staff who were happy to help take  photos. So , if you want to come alone, you can. No need for selfie sticks here.


There’s  a section  on tower 5, so you’ll need to head up to the 5 th floor via a lift ( again, staff were around to help you get transported up and down ). Here , there were a few  rooms ( block sections) for photo  opportunities. In view of the long line , we skipped quite a few. Pretty much a favourite spot and the most crowded as well.




Moon swing – would have been nice to be able to lounge a little longer.But you would have got stares , coz EVERYBODY wanted to lounge as well. So, just enough time to take your photos and bugger off buddy.

A nice interactive fountain , almost felt like it was playing with you ( as you can see , at the background of these swings ).Many places to chill here , surrounding the fountain. Some benches and lots of bean bags.  So if you were game to get wet and wild, I would strongly recommend this . Had a pretty good time chasing those water spurts. ( Try it!)


Immerse yourself in a room filled with giant inflatables that change colors as you tap them. My kids played hand ball with these and of course, many more trying to get the best photos.


Planet vertica – lost in space , literally.




The grounds were beautiful. Very nicely lit. Lots of bean bags around , to really lounge and soak up the atmosphere. We picked a pretty good night , as there was no sign of rain yet not too humid. Food trucks lined up , in case you get hungry or thirsty.

We were in for about an hour and a half. A fantastic way to spend the day , or some part of it. A marketing event by Mah Sing ( smart thinking 99! ) that will no doubt  draw in the crowds,   now just to convince the public to BUY BUY BUY. They were offering discounts and many representatives around to give you full information.

If you re planning to go  this weekend, either do it early ( to avoid the crowds ) or maybe in the evening ,to really soak up the beauty of it all. Lights best  viewed in darkness .I am guessing with flooding of insta posts from the event yesterday , this coming weekend’s going to draw in wayyyyyy more people . But I would still go , for sure.It felt like a wonderland.




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