A cure to hump days -BOTAK

I always love birthdays , especially if it’s not mine . ( Although , THIS YEAR WAS LIKE THE BEST BDAY EVERRRRRR

-Who can ever forget Tigress continuous

Laughter ).

Birthday dinner was at Mercat Gastrobar , at Telawi.Food was delish and so was their g&t. We had 2 each , so 6 in total and they were all so good . Even the dessert was amazing .

Then we uber-ed our way to Botak Liquor Bar . As we walked in , I fell in love .So deeply. It had such a calming effect .Almost felt like a bar spa !! It has this amazing serene vibe to it , indescribable . (Viper , we gotta go! Next purple meeting venue ) It was nice and cool , with plants everywhere minus the mosquitoes (win!!) .

That kinda place you could sit and chill for hours . And they have cocktails on tap.I mean seriously guys , that’s just taking it up a notch . We spent an hour , our feet stretched out and bodies completely slumped on our chairs.

We had the

Jasmine & Terragon ( that’s apparently the crowd favourite )-RM 38, and I guess we know why now.

Starfruit and Daun Kari -RM 36 – pisco based with a tinge of spice.

Nangka & Grapefruit -RM 36 – tequila based with a punch .

Botak is the brainchild of the renowned Chocha Foodstore owners , along Petaling street .Both compliment the interior well, different yet same. They don’t serve food at Botak, so you could dine downstairs and move up after .

Great drinks .Service efficient , bar manager is happy to chill and chat. A perfect spot to just “lepak”.Almost like chilling in your garden with a personal mixologist at your service .

Not too bad for a hump day drink .And nothing beats lepaking with my girls .

Muakkkkkkssssss , hope your birthday was as wonderful as you .Love u ❤

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  1. Sivaghami says:

    Wow what an interesting name and place!!

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