my 2017 heroes

December – you’ve made me so happy!!

I cannot even begin to explain how magical this month has been.I am going to end it by appreciating the people who made 2017, AH-MAZING

1) my in-laws

We started off the month with a wedding in the family. My in-laws. You know  , it’s so easy to hate in-laws , like sometimes it feels fashionable to bitch about them. But mine , have been nothing short of amazing. They even got us presents for our anniversary and new year !! I mean , who does that ??? Did I also mention , we get to stay in amazing resorts, that we could never afford during normal circumstances.(And burn candles , that I would generally not burn)


my mother in law’s love for anything traditional and her irritation that I am not!


she’s cooler than we think!

2) my work family

I love my job , I really do .Am grateful to all my work colleagues who make work easy , and also a few of my ex-staff  , that I wish never left , one in particular.Of course , there are days when I could kill them , like the days they make me order more pills than I should or tell me when stock finishes the day it finishes . Ohhhhh and also ,  take more leave then they should .But really, I would be nobody without each one of them. Thank you for being more than just my work family .


My primary team


My purple team


The one who reminds me to always be positive and prays for me , when i don’t.

3) My A-Team

I may not be the easiest person to be with , don’t really enjoy talking very much , pretty “*itchy” most days .

BUT , the best part about it is, I have a few friends who I love with all my heart.Who don’t judge my bad sense of dressing , who understand my love for every shade of black , who look past the fact that I wear clothes on repeat , and wear the same shoes daily ,the ones who love me for me . Not to forget, my zero love for playing dress up. And , who actually put up with my ***chiness.


Tigress – the one who believes in unicorns and gold dust. My real life magic !


Viper – sees the good in all things.Literally .

2018-fierce , fearless , flawed ! Here we come bebe!!!

(pic stolen from the internet)

Guess what , I  know Jake , he actually works with me. Yes , not only does he look like this, he’s also pretty nice deep inside.

Jiggle & Wiggle -these two can eat and eat and eat – one is a real life Barbie and the other is a real life vegetarian pig. The memories we have , we will never have again , especially with the pig coz marriage has matured him.

4)My Family

This might be the best December to date . A union of all the cracks , that you can imagine. Ranging from the age of 3 till 93. So much chaos , irritation , confusion  all wrapped up in one BIG happy love.

Thank u girls , you know who you are , (bipolar included) ,this bond we have is larger than life .I can’t thank you enough for everything you do , for being so much a part of my life.

seriously ,there is noooooo family better than ours!!!

5) My life.My everything.

GOD was kind and blessed me with them.


my one true love.This Man loves me  ,  but acts like he doesn’t.


this one forgets that her daughter is more precious than her granddaughters.her love is unreal.


my real life everything


have you met somebody who is smart , kind , down to earth and maybe can rule the world someday ? that’s my sister in law.


the only reason my premature graying is all worth it .#3littlekinderjoys


She loves us like family

Mei Mei – the force behind me , my beast in shining armor

Long post , but I want to remember this when I feel like I don’t have it all.Because really …… I do.

To my heroes , thank you for filling my 2017 with so much love , laughter and happiness .

2018 , lets do this !

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  1. Sivaghami Palaniveloo says:

    I love this … Pho! You are simply amazing .
    May we all have a kungfu filled fun in 2018 .

    Liked by 1 person

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