Makanhouse ,Jln Bangsar

Walked into an almost empty shophouse.Within an hour ,it started filling up with the lazy Sunday lunch crowd .We got seated , the kids chose our table. The obvious table,the one with the swing attached.

Swing helped keep them entertained for a bit.

Love the way they have cleverly used props from way back when , really brings back memories. Like the leg rest ,from a sewing machine .

We were presented with the menus , and the very nice waitress took our orders patiently .She also warned us,in view of shortage of staff,our food will be delayed 20 minutes.

Prices very affordable and service top notch. Despite being warned that our food would arrive late , it didn’t .The waitress even equipped the kids with kiddy cutlery and was always observant towards the kids needs . Big tick here .

Kids had the Aglio Olio.You have a choice of beef or seafood. We chose the later .I was almost certain it wouldn’t taste so good since it was a very Malaysian cafe , but I was wrong .It was great , and my daughter finished it .

Not to mention the very wholesome Milo Dinosour done yummy.

My all time favorite ,Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang .Pretty good but if you need spicy , you ‘ ll need at least three extra ” sambal” top ups.

We also had the Portuguese Nasi Goreng Belacan .Wasn’t my favourite ,rather dry, I felt.

People slowly came streaming in. And most were going straight to their ” chap fan ” corner ,also known as Nasi campur table.Lots of variety .I probably will give that a shot the next time I am here .

Ended the meal with Cendol .Was average I must say, but our kids loved it.

Will I come back ? Yes for decent pricing ,great service and to check out the Nasi campur.

And THE real reason I want to come back ,is to dine in a bath tub .Watching the traffic on Jalan Bangsar go by.

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  1. Ally L. Mare says:

    This place looks so nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Panda pho says:

      Yes it is.You should try it.

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