Tiffins by Chef Korn

You can’t usually go wrong with a Thai restaurant. I guess ,Tiffin is one of those.


Tucked in a corner at the Mezannine floor, (3 rd floor) of Mid Valley North Court. Take the esclator and head above GSC Midvalley.


Pretty cosy restaurant , well lit, and rather busy on a late weekend night. Tables and chairs well appointed , far enough so my kids don’t annoy anybody.Service swift and friendly.

When with kids , we go straight to meals , no appetizers, just so we can eat and leave.

They have set meals or you could choose from their a la carte menu.They have beers and non- alcoholic mojitos . There’s pork , so that kinda helps.

Set meals come with 3 appetizers –   a fruit salad, slices of watermelon and fish balls. Small quantities served in a tiffin carrier , so the name Tiffin ( get it???get it???)

We ordered the shrimp paste rice set (RM 19.80) , and it was really shrimp paste rice , meaning rice cooked in shrimp paste with condiments on the side , thin sliced pork sausage, dried shrimp,shredded egg omelette, mango slices , onions,raw chilli and long beans with lime. Plus the tiffin appetizer.Pretty yummy .


And the red ( milky) Tom Yum set ( RM 19.80). So ,this comes with rice , tom yum ( choice of seafood / chicken or mix)and an omelette . The chilli was served separately, in accordance to how spicy you’d like it to be.


Personally I didn’t think it was spicy enough by thai standards , despite adding ALL the chilli.

We also ordered the thai style omelette (RM13.80) not realizing that the sets we ordered had SOOOOO much omelettes in it already. So we packed it for home , much to the waiter’s horror. He actually assumed we didn’t like it and kept asking what was wrong    . ( what a nice fella ) .

We washed down our food with Lemongrass tea (RM 6.80) . Or if you’d prefer, there was chinese tea too. Nicely served in a steel tea pot.


Would I come here again? Yes ,if I was killing time before watching a movie. But ,it wasn’t convincing enough for me to return to Midvalley , to park at the basement and go up 3 floors for a meal.

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