Amenic Film Space, Damansara Kim

Something different for the weekend .Something besides walking in a mall , aimlessly.

So it was by chance I read a blog , one thing led to another , and I was on FB messenger with the owner of Amenic himself ,Jovy ,who gave me a good insight on the  workings of Amenic Film Space.Plus , he managed to get us the beanie room that was actually already booked earlier .Score !

Amenic is situated in Damansara Kim , near KPJ Damansara and for the ” young” , its close to Locker & Loft ( probably , more familiar).And , above a cute little restaurant called Lat Talilat.


So ,we booked the beanie room ( COZY SPACE),  since  it’s the ” comfiest ” , and fits our little gang of 5.

It’s 50% off for kids and free if they’re below 3.Adults pay full price of RM 22.

We initially hoped to watch Mary Poppins , if the kids had allowed it , but they happened to chance upon the stacks of DVDs and eventually chose Kung Fu Panda 2,instead. (Yes my alter ego!…. the only reason I gave in to their request)


They rushed up the spiral stairs into their beanie room. Cosy and comfortable .Four big bean bags , very comfy for the 2 adult 3 kiddy combo.We had the  aircond remote to our disposal and the tv one too. It wasn’t deafening , and we managed to reduce the volume when it got “‘scary” for the kids .Best part, no annoying commercials and trailers            pre-movie .


Amenic has 2 other rooms .One is a binge space that is a little bigger , with sofas while  the other has a “movie marathon” room whereby you get to pay one price and get to watch movies that are running thru out the day .A larger space , and a good one to host birthday parties . Good option for those movie buffs , plus there’s a restaurant downstairs that you can order food from.

We enjoyed our evening , especially with kids , knowing we weren’t disturbing anybody . Sound system was perfect and tuned to our needs.   We could eat our popcorn , munch impolitely to our hearts content , kids were running about and swapping bean bags .Us, the adults could have our conversations knowing we weren’t being a pain to anybody but our kids.




Great option , especially if you want to watch a movie on big screen, great sound system and with a crowd of your choice.

Address : AMENIC film space

73A, Jalan SS20/11, Damansara Kim, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Facebook –AMENIC FB – They respond within minutes on Messenger.

*Plus the list of movies are on their FB page.

AMENIC , we’ll be back .Hopefully , this time, to watch Mary Poppins.






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