Avillion Port Dickson

No matter how many new establishments open up in Port Dickson, nothing beats Avillion.

It has a class of its own, and remains my favorite ( even compared to the Lexis Hibiscus. )

Since this time , it was a last minute booking , only the duplex was available and of course the 2 bedroom villas, that were clearly way pass our budget .We paid RM 500 nett with no breakfast for a night.

Checked in late , after an amazing sunset at La Playa , the latest beachside restaurant /bar to hit PD.

It was a loooooong walk to the Duplex , as it’s situated in a 6 storey building at the opposite end of the water chalet wing .Lugging the bags and kids was not without fuss and the constant “are we there yet?”

We finally reached , and the kids screamed “our room has 2 floors!!!!!!!”.Technically , they were super excited coz it’s a first duplex stay .Spent the next half hour running up and down the stairs before finally agreeing on taking a shower. The bathrooms are attached with a bath tub .

As you enter the room…The stairway upthe sitting area

The bathroom

the bedroom , no tv

So technically 2 storeys, upstairs is a queen size bed and an attached bathroom .While downstairs is a living hall with a day bed , dining table and a toilet. What was disappointing was that we could hardly watch any TV as it didn’t seem to pick up any Astro signals .Also, the toilet is rather tiny, to maneuver closing the door , takes a little bit of an art that clearly my husband didnt master and kept hitting on the low ceiling ,many a times .Till he had to nurse the pain with an analgesic.

I prefer the water chalets but my kids, otherwise .

We woke up early, at least to our standards to make it in time for the petting zoo .Our views from our room

I figured there were double the amount of humans in that tiny cage, all trying to force feed the rabbits and roosters , and sometimes the turtles and peacock too.

Avillion Pd also has a play room , with showtimes for movies plus a 24 hour pool (πŸ‘) and an adult only pool elsewhere .

From a distance , lies Avi spa, seen but not ventured into since its adult only and hmmmm…..don’t think that’s possible for the time being .

We spent some time in the pool and eventually headed to the beach, just opposite our duplex.I am sure some cleaning of the beach has been done , because it looks amazing as compared to few years ago.Water is clear -“er” than before and the sand does feel powder-ish enough.

the 24 hour pool

Complimentary Ice Lollies

The beach across the duplex

Checkout is strictly 1 pm.We tried to plead saying we checked in late the night before but she clearly didn’t think it was a valid reason.So we had to pack up and leave .

Avillion , still my preferred PD choice .

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  1. SLK says:

    I have to admit that we normally do Port Dickson as a day trip from KL but this place looks great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Panda pho says:

      You must go , it’s really nice .And kid friendly too

      Liked by 2 people

      1. SLK says:

        Thanks for the tip! Will check it out for a future getaway πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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