Wau , with a bit of WOW

With all the hype of speak easy bars , we found a speak easy restaurant .Hidden behind a bar . Right smack in Changkat aka bar road of KL.

Last minute Ramadhan buffet reservations proved to be impossible at the hot spot hotels including Bijan .After numerous calls to practically every hotel in Klang Valley , and with no luck to sit the 9 of us , we finally decided on WAU.

I loved the creativity of this restaurant with absolutely no resemblance to Rabbit Hole .Walking into a bar that leads you into a restaurant , that looks wayyyyyy different to its “exterior”, one word -NICE.

entrance to Rabbit Hole.

look for this, and Wau’s door is on the left.

Walk into a , what seems like a pretty nostalgic Malay – themed restaurant .Lots of hanging lamps and a somewhat dimly lit space.

Orders are made using a self service iPad .Staff are friendly and patient , especially dealing with  kids running around the table .Plus , it took forever for everybody to decide on their specific drinks.

self service iPads , to place orders

We ordered the Muhibbah Platter , which consists of Ikan Bakar ( that was the star of the platter ), sotong bakar, ayam goreng berempah , tempeh , long beans , crackers and eggs (4 in total) and because we don’t eat beef, they served us ayam percik instead.Nicely served on a banana leaf over a dulang giving it a traditional feel .There were 6 of us , and yet it was impossible to finish .

Muhibbah platter , with the pesky fingers reaching for keropok

We also ordered the appetizer platter , that had chicken satay , tauhu sumbat and grilled squid .Chicken satay was juicy and tender , clearly the star on this platter.

dulangs still half finished , even after an hour of force feeding.

Coconut seafood soup , was served pretty .Garnished with prawns . It’s served in a coconut , like how air kelapa is served . Husk shaved off , obviously.Tasted like tom yam coconut water , if that makes sense. I didn’t really like it.

Mango salad was alright  and we had a brinjal dish that was a little sweet .

We ordered a whole lot of food , trying to compensate for the buffet we couldn’t get a seat at. Would I come back ? Hmm , maybe not .Food was average , some dishes tasting great but the rest mostly too sweet .(We needed a level of ” spicy ”  to keep us satiated , you know being Malaysian and all) .

A restaurant tucked inside a bar is truly a reason to visit this spot. Or maybe a sit down meal after  clubbing .Their kitchen closes at 1 am , a halal option instead of the luk-luk , that’s parked outside.Actually ,a great spot for tourists for a taste of Malay tradional food.

Images have an orange tinge , that’s exactly how the ambience is inside .#Orange-y.

If you’re game to give it a try, follow the rabbit at Rabbit Hole .


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  1. Luna says:

    Now we know where the rabbit hole leads. Haha !
    In all seriousness, this looks like a really cool place! Will put this down in my ‘places to take foreign friends to visit’ list. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Panda pho says:

      Ha!ha!yes we finally do know where it leads to.

      Liked by 1 person

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