it IS about the moment

So after our long Nando’s lunch and a block of dark chocolate to help with the fat quota …we realized it IS about the moments and not that Mercedes .

To commemorate today , this is a small part of my favourite memories ( or the few photos I have) that have mattered to me .


Missing one member


For once , an amazing shot by my brother

The time we had a yacht to ourselves

Our first “Wonder of the World” ,together.Our jawline was more defined then ,don’t u think?

When I won the lucky draw at Macau Hard Rock .God spoke to me that day.

Dreams are made of these

London ❤️

Look at the stars

That one cousin who makes us so proud!

Thevs does 80 Sinnathamby style

Looks like we CAN party till 5, after all

My happy space

Aleeyah turns 7 with a pony in the backyard

The election that won our hearts

I have so many good memories , that I want to remember forever .So ,in keeping with today , I pledge my favourite people to document a moment , something you want to remember .Fortnightly coz clearly you won’t do it weekly . ( fine, you can tag your retail purchases , Viper , if that makes you happy)

I want to be a part of it .If you will , hashtag #becausepandaforcedme so I can sama-sama be happy happy with you .

So , when there are shitty days , and there WILL be ….there ‘s this space that’s gonna remind us about what matters the most ❤️

Tigress-Can u bloody get on insta

Viper-You better take more photos with me exploring the town .Punctuality is key .

My brother & Sis in law-Let’s start with improving photo skills.

Manj-since you so clever to figure me out, I’ m roping you in.Plus you’re so efficient , you might actually be a good example for the rest of us .

Mei -Don’t think you’re capable of this.

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