Light show by fireflies

On a nice sunny Saturday afternoon , we decided to head off to Kuala Selangor to watch the fireflies .Been 10 years since we last went , just the two of us and now ,with our plus two.

We got on the LATA highway , and reached within an hour 15 minutes . Nice drive with no traffic .We were nearly 2 hours early , tours start at 7:30pm ……more precisely, when darkness falls .

We managed a pit stop at Bukit Rotan temple. Beautiful .Plus point , there was not a single soul but us .Tour buses had just left as we walked into this majestic structure .

After prayer ,we headed of to the Kelip-kelip firefly jetty .We were way too early and no food joints in sight ,so we decided to venture out .We googled restaurants that had decent reviews and seemed close enough , Riverview restaurant made the most sense .It was 10 km away and it took us 15 minutes .Boy were we glad we made the decision .

Restaurant was by the river , perfect for sunset watching .And , their neighbour offer “firefly” tours here , practically just a step away . We got to the restaurant by 6:15 pm and the first session was booked out , hence we got tickets for the 2 nd session that was scheduled for 8 pm.

Can you see those tables at the far end, that are perfect for sunset set watching ? Yeah , they’re also usually never available .

So, most tables by the river were “reserved ” and some an entire table full of food minus the people .And then within minutes , tour buses arrive with throngs of people filling up all the tables.Don’t arrive hungry , our food took an hour 20 minutes to arrive .We had to cancel the crabs , since it was not in sight even at 7:40 pm !!!!

How amazing is this?

And with beauty comes the pollution .Even in darkness , we saw mineral water bottles bobbing everywhere .

This restaurant sits on a little road with multiple shops selling preserved fruits , salted fish ,keropok and lots more that kept us entertained while waiting for our food .

Things you can buy at the shops nearby ,noodles perhaps?

Food was fresh but average . Not sure if our rating was biased because we were irritated waiting for so long or the constant “I am hungry , when’s the food coming?”

It took us 10 years to return as our previous trip wasn’t so impressive at the other jetty. Firstly, I remember waiting more than an hour , standing being bitten by mosquitoes and there were hardly any fireflies that night .Really don’t know if things have changed now.

We got on to our speedboat at bout 8:20 pm. Sunset was late , so every session got postponed bout 20 minutes (Thank God , because our food was late !) The first session had , what seemed like a million people rushing to get into the boats .There was no rush with ours and we had lots of room to stretch our feet.

The jetty

Ready with our safety jackets

The speedboat sets off on an exhilarating speed , kids loved it.Almost pitch black on the river except for the occasional boats zooming by .Fifteen minutes into the ride , we reach some bushes, where we see flickering lights .Almost like lights on a Christmas tree .For the benefit of all passengers , the boat stops by right and left of the river so we all get close enough to the fireflies ,almost to a “touch-able” distance .This lasts about 15 minutes before we head back to the jetty.

It really was amazing and we did promise ourselves that we would use the same company to do the eagle feeding and the sky mirror experience that happens during the day.

I would recommend Fun Life .Convenient , mosquito free and reasonable .

Our tickets cost us 20 ringgit for adults and 15 for kids respectively .

All in all, a great way to spend the evening .We left KL about 5:00 pm and were home by 10:30 pm .Temple visit , amazing sunset , average dinner made worse with the long waiting time and fantastic show by the fireflies .

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    1. Awwww thank you ❤️


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