Raya in the skies

When guilt sets in , we make last minute hasty decisions. Since we had done nothing for the school holidays, we decided on Gentings.It took us 59 minutes to reach up despite being warned by many , about the notorious pre – Raya traffic.

The human traffic in Gentings was crazzzyyyy. We booked our room via Agoda and attempted to check-in using the automated check in counters , but failed. So , stood in queue for 40 minutes and THEN, was told that despite me booking a superior room , their system showed a deluxe.URGH! The nice counter lady gave me an option to either accept the deluxe room , pay for a superior room or call Agoda. ( have you ever tried calling Agoda? – it’s an automated call service and no matter how many times I keyed in my credit card details , it kept saying error ). By then , our price of RM 471 that we paid earlier ……….had climbed up to RM900++ before taxes , if I decided I was going to pay for it .(have you seen the rooms at First World, you would be crazy paying RM900 !!) .After many attempts trying to get through Agoda, I got into the line AGAIN , waited and waited before meeting another girl at the counter. Luckily for me , this much nicer girl , who didn’t offer me options , but instead spoke to the manager. Sixty minutes later……….we finally made it to our room , of course only after a quick mess -up of going up tower 1 instead of tower 2. By then , my irritation levels had risen many folds.

We got to our room , emptied our bladders , unpacked a little ,only to realize the kids forgot to pack their undies. ( irritation up again!) .We headed out to lunch ( at teatime) to Morganfields , ordered our food……………….and Ray “accidentally” hit the water bottle causing 500 ml of water all over me , my jeans , shoes , socks , my shirt ,my phone (by now my irritation level was up to – I could kill somebody at this point) . By the way , food was ewww.

I was too lazy to head back to the room to change , so got some clothes at H&M upstairs together with some overpriced undies for the kids .The kids headed off to the indoor playground leaving me some time to calm down.

Batman looks so real here
Got to meet Batman- my ultimate highlight

Indoor playground charges RM 60 for a full day pass. With another few hundred people at the Indoor theme park , each ride was a 45 minutes wait. Getting there only at 5 pm , kids managed a total of 4 rides before they got tired of waiting in line for each ride lasting a maximum of 1.5 minutes.Since I have issues with rides that go in circles , my husband was in charge of the rides. By the end of the night, his irritation levels had reached mine. Dinner was painful , since they were tired and hungry and it was a disaster at the not so tasty Tampopo Ramen store .

indoor tag

Super slow carousel
Never let go
Random uncle who needed a photo moment , and a not too impressed Aunty
Bumper car
No end to sugar , when it comes to the father
I spent a lot of time on the floor waiting

After dinner ,I headed back to the room with the kids while Mr went off to gamble the night away. We got changed into our pyjamas , and minutes later , I was out cold.

Lim Goh Tong was kind enough to pay for our holiday

We started out the next day , late. Woke up , and by the time everybody got ready , it was 11 am.Checked out , and headed to Cafe Richards for brunch ( Hoping to get a spot at Burgers&Lobsters , but as usual , queue was wayyyyy too long). Again over rated .

Note to self :Never have a flower flavored coffee
When bored , breathe out and experiment with condensation

Not impressed with breakfast, we headed up to the open air car park to check out the month long durian fest. In the cold , we had ONE tinydurian that cost us RM 81 ( whoever said prices have dropped , lied!).It was nice and creamy and they handed us gloves so our fingers didn’t suffer the durian linger.Thumbs up!

Group hug

It was time to head home , opted to take the cable car down . Again, looong queues , so we paid extra for the glass bottom cable car – priced at RM18/ person , this was a steal considering there was no queue to get on this. We got the cable car to ourselves . Unlike how it used to be, slow and how they would cram everybody in……..these new ones are so much faster and quite an adrenaline ride for the kids.

Glass bottom cable car
They were most impressed with the cable car

All in all , great 24 hour trip if not for the crowd and the occasional mishaps!


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