Minggu ni #2

Gonna start off by saying …..my hopes of being a millionaire blogger has ended .Now it’s a reality photo diary to remember all the good times , some mediocre ones and the occasional shitty .Since I don’t save photos , mostly because I don’t know how to , this is my way of depositing them into a World Wide Web memory bank considering my grey matter /memory is literally koyak-ing!

Feel free to unfollow me coz it’s gonna be a collection of stuff that you clearly won’t care about .So goodbye everybody ( and thank you ) except Fatty who can stick around to continue poking fun at me .

This happened last week when I met my brother when we stopped for Baskins at Jaya Supermarket.

My mother said their dresses were too short , so she made them wear pants under their dresses before they went out …..pyjamas pants!

Little victories @Kumon

Tribute to Beatles- concert within a movie theatre

Since we have a love for street food -the down and dirty sort , we headed to Mansion Tea Stall at Masjid India .Tried the Roti Special- it’s roti canai with two runny eggs -Different but not exactly mouth watering .Glad I tried it , but I won’t be in a rush to head back.

There were many beggars by the pavement adjacent to this restaurant .They were seen sharing their food with their pets while some cuddled up as one ,in dream world . Almost as if , when you have less , you give more or was it – you give more when you have less ….

If anybody is in the spirit of giving , here you go. A brave girl who fought cancer , and now dancing to raise funds to continue her cancer therapy , that as we all know is crazy expensive .Follow her story on @naviindranpillai , I am.

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  1. Fatty says:

    I will always stick around

    Love, Fatty


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