Minggu ni#3

Our weekly food search continues -This time to

The Burger Shop ,SS15-thats actually a food truck

Mahendra had the double crispy chicken

While I had the mushroom chicken burger -tambah pepper

Verdict -loved the crispy burger

So here ‘s the thing -spicier means extra black pepper .There was no use of chilli or tomato sauce here .

But this was my favourite

They labeled us “table makan abang akak” #killmenow

Forgiven coz the guys working here are so nice !

Hump day surprise drive …

One of the best Nasi lemak we found in this un-named bawah pokok makeshift restaurant -opposite the surau. Can’t say the same about the Nescafé kurang manis, though.

Musang king for 25 ringgit /kilo.Apparently the price drops by half during weekdays. PLUS, she got to skip school for a road trip.

How I wish I could I was kampong girl or I had a faraway home in a teeny tiny town.

Lovely evening watching Lion King with Fairfields girl gang ❤️

Ending the weekend with Gin.Rum.Us -celebrating Fatty ‘s birthday

Saving the best for last…gift from the Sultan for a poke done well.

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