(hujung)minggu #4


We started the weekend with Aleeyah doing us proud .

Her first inter school tournament , under 9 category .

Proud Papa

Expression-less Aleeyah , as always.

My biggest cheerleader -Shivani

Finally a smile , a proud moment in my Alma Mater.


Short stint in Singapore for 7 hours. Arrived to be introduced to Irvin’s salted egg chips.We gobbled 1 1/2 bags while the other half , made it on the floor .We helped contaminate  Singapore , like true Malaysians.

1.7 billion SGD spent on this magnificent structure. However , our Grab driver thought differently, he felt the money could have been used for more pressing matters. I couldn’t agree more.

That being said – it IS a true beauty. The Rain Vortex has been nominated for the Transport Completed Buildings category at the World Architecture Award Festival.

The main reason we’re in Singapore – Aladdin. Show started a little slow , but picked up tempo after 1/2 hour . The music , the colors , the great physique of the cast , the magic carpet scene ,and of course the Genie – truly worth a trip .

Us wishing we had a fully functional magic lamp ( and a flying carpet)

Did I also mention that Samsung ‘s camera removes every single blemish on one’s face !

Princess Jasmine is kottai , in case you needed to know her origins.That guy holding his face seems pretty impressed as well.

By the time the show ended 2.5 hours later , we were so hungry and was in search for a restaurant called Yu Cuisine ( that we never found ) and eventually ended up at Bread Street .Next time , make a reservation otherwise , like us , wait impatiently in line .

Our starter was so filling , we had trouble finishing our mains.

Siva showing signs of hyPERglycemia.

Our favourite waiter and complimentary cookie!

My mother would be impressed that I was finally eating my spinach!

Me trying to mimic Mr Ramsay.

And Siva trying to torment him .Another hyperglycemic moment.

Venchi -didn’t make its way into our stomachs .Pressed for time ,neither did we meet  Alice at the Art Science Museum .

This is how all weekends should be.

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