If you want a short trip , an affordable one ( that is if you don’t love jewelry)  and cheap yummy food – This is the place for you.

It was an early flight out from Kuala Lumpur via Airasia to Yangon , freakish timing of 6ish in the morning  .Was hoping to catch up on sleep on the plane for about 2 hours 40 minutes but seriously, how many can sleep on a plane!

Here’s one that can sleep anywhere , anytime

9:00 am -Check in

Due to the rainy season , we managed to get a room at the Sule Shangri-La at RM 475 via Agoda , and managed an early check-in at 9 am. Perfect location for the gem stone enthusiasts and shopaholics , since Bogyoke Market and the mall  is situated opposite the hotel.Also a walk away to Sule Pagoda,Mahabandoola Park and Chinatown.

9:30 am

Took a 15 minute stroll down to Sule Pagoda , that is centrally located as a place of worship and also functions as a roundabout . A great  place to “circle” before heading to work ,for those who’d like to greet Buddha first thing in the morning.

till now , no sign of rain

10:30 am

Quick tripadvisor check , led us to Shan Noodle house for breakfast.It was a hit and miss here, some we loved and some we thought was just “ok”.

12:00 pm

With filled tummies , we then  headed to Bogyoke Market .Before we knew it , 3 hours had passed and credit cards swiped .

3:00 pm

Headed to the bar at the Shangri-La to booze up .We tried the Myanmar beer and the rum as well . Since it was only 3:30pm, we had the entire bar to ourselves ! It was time to reflect on the credit card damage.

Shine bright like a diamond

The quickest way to get to know a city, take a food tour .And that we did.

5 :00 pm

We joined the Food and Market Tour .Luckily for us , it was only the three of us on the tour so we managed to skip the Shan noodles as we were so stuffed and had done it in the morning already ( Make sure you’re famished before starting the tour , there are nearly 10 items that’s on the list to try )

We started of with the Mohinga Burmese soup, which was absolutely delicious. This stall is at the start of 38 th street .My favorite on the tour.

Slurping up the Mohinga Soup

My other favorites were the salads , we had 3 types – fermented tea leaves, garlic and broad beans.Lovely.

the salads

Get in my mouth already !

Our guide from Sa Ba food tour

We managed to walk through their wet markets ,soaking up the sights and smells ( not pleasant ) of Yangon before we had “dessert”.

Guide :Tastes like peanut butter

Reality :Tasted like thick-cut chip

9:00 pm

Ended the night at Shwedagon Pagoda , Yangon’s famed pagoda.

so ,so ,so ,so beautiful

10 pm

I am lying , ended the night at Vista Rooftop bar . For the perfect view of the pagoda and a drink in hand, this was a perfect end to a rather long 20 hour day.

Rooftop view from Vista Bar

The following two days , were spent in Bagan before we flew back for the night in Yangon for our early morning flight home .

When you have frou frou  friends, it’s no surprise when a jeweler is called in for round 2 in the comfort of our room at the rustic Loft hotel Downtown Yangon . Situated in a less touristy location , the price was cheaper as well .But by no means less comfortable except that ( point to note!) Shangri-La had those warm your bum toilet seats like in Japan and the Loft didn’t .

I might have startled him at the reception , at the Loft hotel

The restaurant attached , Alex , was the perfect dinner location. Food was amazing – we had the ravioli , their fried rice and Malabar prawn curry .Quick gulp before indulging in 2 hours of “in-room” shopping.

Jewels layed on our bed , for viewing pleasure

The nicest jeweler from Bogyoke Market

It was also the night the credit cards were maxed out.

Yangon , a mix of old and new charm , with my favorite girls.



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