Celebrating Amma

We planned to fly somewhere hoping for my mother to get over her fear of flying , but that failed when Fatty found out he was on call.

Instead , we decided on a holiday with a nature theme.Initially apprehensive , it turned out to be a lovely break that helped us disconnect or rather reconnect with nature and ourselves .

Started the day with a wedding , then funeral and salary day at Rawang before we started on our trip proper .

Despite full tummies , we made a detour to World of Phalaenopsis.


birthday girl


one with the phalaenopsis

Packed to the brim , be prepared to wait at least 10 minutes for a table during not so peak hours.Also, expect to share tables. By the time we got there, some items on the menu was sold out.But, worth a stopover for sure. Really pretty.



Boss with her bosses






with one foot raised , D ‘s got potential


orchids of all kinds


with our purchases

With Papa eager to leave and Amma needing a sparkly clean toilet , we left to our airbnb , that was about 1/2 hour away.

A little tricky despite instructions given, but when we finally found it…….truly one with nature kinda retreat. The owners have renovated it beautifully , with 3 rooms , and an open concept kitchen/dining. It fit 10 of us , pretty snugly. We had Rhea , so the balcony was a little “dangerous” as one wrong move , and she could have fallen 20 feet down to the orchard.

Our views were trees , a stream nearby and no other human being. PERFECT.

We headed down to a stream nearby , private with icy cold shallow water. Rocky with tons of mosquitoes. Spent an hour ,  basking in the sun and freezing our feet .Kids refused to leave , but we managed to head back after awhile.


heading down the wrong way , before we got chased by mosquitoes


eventually ,found our way 31659ac7-c21b-4cf7-98fa-a88e2cd27af1

icy cold water


views from the not so “kid friendly ” balcony




Nearest civilization is about 5 km away ,imagine roads minus street lights. Had dinner at Xing Mung Seafood Restaurant , pretty good food at  fantastic prices. There ‘s a great shop that sells biscuits on the same row that is worth a stop , Swee Len Food Industries .Open from 9 am till 6:30 pm , that makes their biscuits within the premises, so it’s guaranteed fresh.They are very generous with samples as well.

We ended our night with scrabbles , since the kids have issues with spelling and Fatty was being kiasu . And following that , Nikka and Tanqueray accompanied us till 2 am.


Nikka and Fatty


Shit is a word , but Aleeyah refused to use it


The birthday cake and moon cake that never got eaten

We started our morning late , with Veena preparing a HUGE breakfast ,for the Chathurthi observers and the nons. Chilling by the huge dining table , it was sadly time to leave for home.


hearty breakfast


refusing to get out of bed


why would anybody get out of bed with a view like this?


testing the tripod


my perfect 10

in your face

When you have a tripod , use it

Not hungry and clearly not  ready to head home , we googled places to go , and decided on the dam. With waze in hand…we headed out searching for the dam, instead Veena/Fatty found an even better alternative.

We landed at Cholo-Cholo Hot Spring , privately owned hot spring in Batang Kali. They  have private rooms , equipped with toilets for RM 80/ hour. Alternatively , there ‘s a RM 3 entrance fee at the shared area .With some convincing , they even provided us with towels . The owner mentioned a spa was being built and would be fully functional soon.


before we got in


the least “hot” pool so we gravitated there


Ray has had enough!


the hottest pool , hence why she gravitated here


phone addiction is real

To many more retreats like these …..and , hoping Papa agrees to come for all.



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