Minggu #6

What an hectic 6 weeks it’s been. Documenting the missing bits in September.

Rayna trying her luck at YouTube-ing.


Meet my  Ryan

That nauseating Sunday morning drive to Ipoh


Rayna again!

Sunday morning with my favorite Uncle.We never leave this house like how normal people should.What started at 8am , ended at 10 pm. Food and alcohol AGAIN.



my awesome Uncle

M for Mahathir


our first movie together

Amma- daughter – granddaughter hi-tea


that magnificent tree ,though #alexisbsc

Annual concert at Fairfields , rather emotional one!


our little geisha


why did you have to leave Mrs Kong?

last of the 4 series 


Blackbyrd – the happy hour is shit .

The food , in order of yumminess –

  • Tacos with Salmon- exceptional
  • Portobello mushroom – nice
  • Lamb rack – nice
  • Pasta with truffle – nice
  • Bebek with waffle-  disappointing
  • Salmon- Don’t bother

either you love it or hate it  #omakaseandappreciate

Our little pizza party . Viper learnt a very painful lesson, that day.


I see you baby ( not shaking that ass) #pizzamansion

Viper has never looked this way in all the years I have known her


Sugar and spice 

Never before , my two carnivores , Mei Mei AND Tigress have turned herbivores  for Navarathri.






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