minggu #8

We got to celebrate my “almost twin”- who was born exactly a week before me.

Let’s just say – One of the most confident ,sassy and the true meaning of “I am enough!”  kinda person I know.

For the first time , a case of fear and panic ( & tears)  . She did us proud nevertheless.



Performance reading with Dato Dr M Shanmugalingam . Haven’t read the book  , but he was just SO SO SO ENTERTAINING!Litbooks has got to be the most unique bookstore you would ever walk into , and by far , my favorite.


And, to our utmost horror , my mother ‘s friend did her a “favor” by embroidering her eyebrows.


Some food and drinks with Fatty and Tish last night at Super Ramen

I love the chilled vibe , also, Sri Petaling seriously looks like our new foodie haunt.

King of Pork chop Ramen -yummy

Rudi’s Pork Katsu Curry Ramen – yummier

Foie gras scramble egg – YUMMIEST

Sake cocktails – wayyyyyy too sweet

Next Spade Burger , who’s coming?


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