U2 with us two

My favorite holidays are  short and rushed  … Singapore was all that and more!

Started with coffee , followed by  traffic on the runway.

Traffic that set us back an hour

Jewel @ Changi Airport.


his jewel @ Jewel

Next , Marina Bay Sands Casino.

seconds before I got reprimanded for taking photos 

So , the deal was – If we win , we splurge . If we lose, to the food court we go. Guess what happened?

We splurged @ Spago

Next on my list , Atlas Bar.


And, we splurged again at Asia’s no. 8 best bar

Rated very highly by Anthony Bourdain , I insisted on Maxwell food court.

Michelin one star -whoever rated this has clearly not tasted Malaysian chicken rice or any food for that matter!

With all the food and drinks ,we decided to head back for a nap.Clearly thinking we won’t sleep the night.What were we thinking!

Then , Tippling Club


Fairfields in Singapore

Two down , another 48 bars  to go ,Tippling Club ,voted no 11 in Asia in 2017.

And then , the official reason for Singapore…U2.


sometimes my brother surprises me with his skills!

Happy to say , it was a beautiful day .