La Moon, TTDI

Celebrating Shiv with everybody.Remember – no alcohol license , so only beer served.Aruna had to bar hop to purchase wine bottles , but eventually found HERO supermarket , to be our hero for the night.Decent wine, decent price.


Food to order – Omelette ( if you feel rich , get the RM100 crab omelette) , Tom Yum ( thick not clear ) -get level 3 , it’s just right spicy ,Red curry -yummy , Pomelo Salad – yummy, ( skip papaya/mango salad) , also skip the deep fried seabass , Crab with basil was another winner .

updated on Viper ‘s list :

clear chicken tom yam – was good , Mango sticky rice – the best she’s had!

Dessert – skip it ( At this point you’re so full OR at sharp 9pm ,dessert gets served , who cares if you ‘re not done with food !)

And with that , the restaurant was deserted by 9:30 pm.




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