Janda Baik

I have developed a liking for short trips , to nearby towns in the midst of nature .And , this probably stems from my father’s love for it ,too.

This time , we decided on Janda Baik , our niece took over the reigns of planning the getaway .We narrowed it down to  Glasshouse 325, to accommodate our 4 families . It kind of fit all of us , 10 adults and 4 kids below 8 .Costed us RM 2800/night ( on Christmas eve ) but the average rate is usually at RM 1800 , which comes with breakfast ( a choice of fried rice or fried mee hoon and coffee).

points to note

  • there is a fireplace – if you’d like to use it , you need to let them know a few days earlier for them to prepare the necessary.
  • bbq can be arranged , also to be informed earlier.
  • they have staff ( really helpful ones )that live adjacent to this beautiful property , so if you need anything , they’re practically a holler away. ( very bad phone service , i wasn’t joking bout holler – ing)
  • it gets cold at night – pack something warm!

We ordered our dinner in that night – western food from Nero Bianco. Food was alright . BUT the nasi lemak the next morning , was amazing. It was from a stall , 1 km away from the guardhouse , if you turn right.

Three floors worth of green views.

Us , with our tree that got transported all the way to Janda Baik , with ornaments and all.

moths to a flame …kids & presents

Eating , drinking ,playing Resistance , karaoke  and being merry , was all we did.



my fabulous family



how cute we look , all color coded

The morning after…

the joys of tearing open presents 

On our way home , we ventured into Janda Baik town. There was a nice ( much bigger , less stone-y ) stream nearby , with lots of people tube- ing , families setting up their little picnic mats. ( we should have done this the day before, instead of lazing our afternoon away) .Lots of food vendors , ATV for hire and a Fig Farm that we ventured too as well. A pit stop , after a drink and some figs , Su and Veena were convinced ,they needed a plant in their home too.So , plants they bought!

Despite having a full breakfast , we weren’t ready to leave and decided on lunch  at Foon Lock , but the crowd was mad .There was no way we could have managed a table for all of us.  Better luck  next time ,perhaps.

And, just like that , we bid goodbye to fresh air.



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