minggu #14

Rolling into the final weekend of 2019 with my Assuntarian schoolmates over an extremely heavy meal. It was a dim sum buffet , our slot was  between 12- 2 pm  , and technically the last weekend buffet to be served ,ever. Way Modern Chinois was a cosy space , but pretty decent food for RM 49.90 per pax. Celebrated, one fearlessly leaving her job permanently and the other in April  , to pursue a life less stressful. One, by the way , an actuarist , and the other radiation oncologist!

we ordered everything on the menu!

Dawn of a new year


those hairbands that work as bionic eye gear too!

An evening with Mamee. We did the ” noodling ” session . ( that’s RM 15 to color your mamee cup, fill it with noodles and 4 seasonings and voila! your personalized cup noodle). When I have company , I’ll be back to sign them up for a 90 minutes do-it-yourself noodle session that cost RM 52/pax. It’s at 4:30pm, weekends.


at Mamee house , 163 Retail Park

The start of the “tossing season” and celebrating Yuva. Way too much food , to a point of nausea.


Chef Hong Kitchen , Petaling Jaya – always remember to make a reservation!

That’s my week – rolling out of 2019 , creeping slowly into 2020!

2020 , here we come!

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