the month of January

I decided this year , I will make an effort  to be a little more social and smile-y , bit  like my “hindustani” brother .

Specifically with people I like , and love .

Ushered the year in with the in- laws .


Followed by many,many yee sang dinners.

my fav was Sweet Inn Seafood Restaurant – super,duper amazing food!

Forever grateful to Fairfields , for this bunch.


………….priceless adventures. Toasting marshmallows , my first.


Celebrating the baby of our family.Rhea turns 2.


Our little Ahilan moving away to the Alps.


Received , probably the most amazing gift ever from Manj.


Never , EVER a sober moment with these two.


Nights with them always end this way.INCOMPREHENSIBLE.



UnGodly hour spent with my family , every Saturday.


Glad I kept to my resolution .My brother ,my inspiration.



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