It was a weekend of holiness , unlike any other . Mahashivarathri at Isha , is one heck of an experience.!

Reached Cochin past midnight , and by the time we got to Ba’s apartment, it was nearly 1:30 am. We got talking and before we knew it , it was 4 am.Our cab to Coimbatore was in 2 hours. With almost no sleep, we set off on our long journey ,that  took us 7 hours , with  pit stops for breakfast , lunch and a journey to collect our passes from a nearby town.

With nearly no sleep , and knowing we had  another 12 hours of  Shivarathri ahead of us   , we took a nap for 2.5 hours before heading out to Isha . It was an hour in traffic , whereby we only moved half a kilometer , hence we got off our car and walked the rest of the 7 km . Sacrifice , apparently is immiment with Shiva.

We knew we were close , as the beats of the drums got louder and louder  , my goose bumps got more intense , spreading slowly , all over my extremities . First sight of Adhiyogi was spell bounding. And with that , my night only  got better ………….and better.




Lucky for us , we managed to get practically the best seats in the house . ( for free , thanks Ba for such heavy contacts) . We could actually see Sadhguru , not from the huge screen but from where we were seated.


up , close and personal with the Man himself

The vibe is electrifying . Almost like a rock concert , minus the alcohol. People dancing , people meditating , people singing , people laughing …..there is absolutely nothing like it .Worth the stampede  walking in , and another 6 km ,trying to find space walking out at 6 in the morning , together with the cars , buses , motorcycles , autos and the other thousands of people trying to get out .

Can’t say I idolize Sadhguru, but I understand why so many millions do . He has the persona  , he makes perfect sense ,  he doesn’t play God , neither is he weird . Oh, not sure if this is appropriate but worth a mention –  he’s beard sexy too!

moves wayy better than Jagger

He made me sleep for awhile , when he said ” close your eyes , and focus between your eyebrows”. He meant meditate , but those chants were so soothing , almost transporting me to heaven .Must have been a good 20 minutes before I woke up , to more amazing music. ( Sadhguru said stay vertical , looks like I succeeded at my first Shivarathri).

Perfect lullaby or meditation- perfect, you decide.

I will be back at Isha , to spend some time . Next time , without the rest of the world . Next time , minus the drums , minus his moves ……but just to immerse in the energy.




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