Celebrating Women’s Day

Highlights of the past week , ironically centered around women .

Sports day at school , celebrating Hang Jebat.

I opposed the idea of Langkawi because of cost , but I was wrong.There is really more to life than saving money. Staff had the best time, 24 hours of island life and we made two girls fly for the first time. Viper , I humbly apologize, glad you proved me wrong! Priceless to see them smile , that way.

Accomodation was faultless at Frangipani .Location right smack on the beach, price affordable , and service great. ( just , don’t believe them , when they say sea facing  villa )

My girls ( and 2 boys)

Celebrating Jennyimg_4606

Not forgetting breakfast at  Smiling Buffalo . Worth a mention , because it’s the first morning after ,without a hangover!


Came home to Tigress ‘s birthday , and cupcakes.


Seems like our coffee club mornings are expanding in numbers.It was just Shiv and I , many months ago.


Most important of all ,  celebrating my favorite human , Papa…and his rare smile.


Also , worth a mention is the lion dance at Care Villa , with the family that have entrusted their loved ones in the care of the staff.


Happy Women’s ( and Men’s ) day too!

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