MCO continues….

Still celebrating birthdays , at home , amongst the 12 of us.

Dheeiyaa turned 8 , amidst the quarantine. We had a lovely evening with food from Antonio’s TTDI , and tons and tons of food from Aunty Veena . Oh , plus that rainbow cake that looked beautiful even in the inside. Rhea really enjoyed the cake , can you tell?

As the MCO eased into CMCO , we were curious to see the outside world after 6 weeks . For the first time , we ventured out on the streets ( in the car).

Smart tunnel devoid of cars, our 24 hour store that was shut by 10 pm , barbed wires around Chow Kit and Old Town and a quick visit to my favourite bar , that was closed on a weekend .

Then came Mei Mei’s birthday .Another lockdown birthday.Since it was Mother’s day on his actual birthday, we did a little birthday pre- dinner at home from another favourite diner, Dragon-i. Sadly it tasted nothing like dining in .

Kids prepared the table for dinner , that included masks , those blowy things and weird creatures minus the cutlery….one less thing to wash after .

Not to forget Renu’s birthday . With the help of Roku , she managed some Jagger moves with the sugar cane!

My first time out , initially apprehensive but a well worth evening . Finally ,conversations minus the need for zoom . Veena turned 40 , again .

We have had many cakes , throughout this movement control order, but one things remains the same , our trusted baker.

As we slowly ease into our “new normal” , may we all remain covid free , and hope the world recovers . I really want to travel again , like right now.

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