minggu #16


Slowly creeping into normalcy , we managed a cousin night out. Fantastic company , fantastic food. Lucky us, with the RMCO , restaurants that I can’t normally afford , I can afford now.Crazy deals with no corkage. We snitched a great deal at Ember TTDI .  

Who would have thought , cabbage soup would taste that good!

Gasing Hill finally opened to public , following SOPs. One way up and one way down . We celebrated , having Ray come up with us, and I have to say , she surprised us all.No complaints from her ,them strolling up while we got a tiny bit breathless at the end.

giant leap for all of us!

With no school , weekday dinners are a breeze. We managed a family dinner for Shanti’s 50 th and Aunty’s 73/74 th birthday. With a restaurant to ourselves , at least a hundred photos were taken and it felt like the entire restaurant belonged to us. We could see the relief on the faces of the staff when we finally left…..

didn’t think anybody would notice Ray and I in the same print….. I thought wrong .All in the name of Marimeko.

With Rayna starting school , we decided we needed to do something special. I googled petting zoo , and G2G Animal Garden popped up. It was 50% off for frontliners , so we managed a great discount. Spent 2 hours with ( probably) the most pet friendly animals ( and I mean , the animals loved the human touch).Not as nice as the other one at Sri Kembangan , but kids loved it.Nice end to the forced 3 months home schooling.

their dream of fishing came true , minus the fishing net ( no fish was harmed , all caught and released)

Oh , and we got matching face masks too.Thanks Mila .

Next post is going to be dedicated to my 40 year old brother ………..just him and him turning 40. I can’t wait !!!!

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