when fatty turns 40

My brother is known to be the life of any party….always smiling , always ready for a party but clearly not ready to turn 40. I remember him , turning 30.Disaster.

It was a nice sunny Sunday morning , and we all came dressed in our “designated” gear.All ready to celebrate the two 40s ( one turned 40 in March , while the other was going to turn 40 in 2 days)

Small group , but clearly a super fun one. An afternoon of dance, laughter , tears and some “amnesic” moments , due to the effects of alcohol.We had a wide range of food , a wider range of alcohol and the widest range of personalities.

Our first costume party, but one hell of a lot of memories.

Followed by games , dance and unruly behavior

First sign of Veena reaching levels of intoxication

Also , when fatty forgets and lets loose.

Oh well, this post deserves more photos. Here goes …………

To my Fatty & Vehna , may the next 40 be filled with love , happiness ,a dash of fabulosity and like you said,a whole lot more family- ier.

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