Milestones in the family

Nobody loves a birthday the way this one does. .It’s been a month past her birthday , but there has been no sign of her slowing down on the festivities .I swear I don’t know how this energizer bunny has the zest to keep going and going!

We decided to kick start her 50’s with a little surprise. Started off as our regular Thursday hang- out that eventually led to a “curated” meal together , with the girls arriving in intervals .

A drink or two at Mrs Jones Parlour , followed by dinner at Jingze. Mind you , this celebration started wayyyyy before her actual birthday!

Then came her actual birthday eve , we played dress up with Veena’s fabulous kaftan idea, after creeping up on her from behind the chairs.

Weeks after , we had dinner at Pietro , Devina had Asian food pre-ordered at an Italian restaurant , a private room and free corkage!Not to mention our very own photographer / waiter.

Then came , Tish ‘s pre- 21 st at Temasek retreats , days before she left the nest to celebrate her actual 21st without us.

Priced at RM 4900/ night , it was surely a holiday to remember.Food , food , alcohol and food , and a lot screaming from the karaoke room !

The pre birthday celebration

Soaking up the beauty of Temasek, before we were forced to say goodbye.

my brother took a great photo , don’t you think?

the makeshift waterfall that gets switched on , that also marks ” time’s up”

Said this a million times , and I have to say it again, I DO have an amazing family.

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