minggu #17

We managed to celebrate Ba’s birthday 2 weeks in advance . Was a lovely evening spent with Ra and the huskies , followed by dinner at Vin’s. With the help of limoncello , after 12 years residing there , I didn’t manage to drive up our condo safely.I scarred my car with a scratch .Darn you , limoncello , you tasted sweet , but clearly not!

We did Jingze , for the 2nd time , minus the curated menu.This time for Amma’s birthday.Food was delicious , as always. It was quick and fast , since it was a week night , Amma being Amma , gets compulsive when the kids aren’t asleep by 9. Ooooooo , not forgetting the surprise by the Nathan girls.

It was also Kumu’s birthday , and she worked at Viji, poor thing!

Mahendra finally agreed on driving out and attempted being experimental ,after what seemed like 20 years . Food was average , but the company was fine .

It was also Aunty D’s birthday. She was so happy to have a crowd , and more so , the noise.It’s been a hard few months for them.

Although it’s titled #minggu 17 ….. but it feels like 17 minggu(s) of memories .

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