Bad Mons Getaway

Our first getaway , without the extra baggage.

First stop , Lissete’s for breakfast , with a splash of wine. Kick start to a power punch-ed road trip.


With full tummies , we started our journey to KKB an hour away. With check-in only at 2 pm , we headed to the waterfalls for some nature .We managed to find a secluded spot , for us to chill with more wine and lots of junk food.

After a good lunch at a random restaurant, we were ready for check in. Itinery was “to chill” , and that was all we did.

order of the day :chill

We ate , chilled, swam ,drank cocktails, repeat . And , ended the night with a whole lot of singing and dancing.

We woke up bright and early, because the pillows and bed felt like rock. There was no sunrise , neither were there kids.(evil smile)

With an arty crowd , it was only right to dress up for breakfast. Color block was the theme.Table was done , and we dined in style on a platform that practically looked out into the world of green.

That kinda sums up our ” no itinery ” weekend at Pulaithree , KKB. Besides the shitty bed/pillows , this is a place for adults , not kids .

To many more ( arty) girly trips ……..and making happy memories.

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