when home…

Took a random day off .

Watched the girls , attend on-line classes.The new norm, apparently.

We ordered in for lunch , instead of the usual home cooked food. Everybody got to choose their preference and clearly happy with their take-out including my parents.

super kitchen pan mee ( still in pyjamas at 1 pm)

As the sun began to set ,we decided to camp out on the balcony for the night.With blankets and bedsheets , we built our little tent. Had a fan to keep us cool and lots of junk , to keep us occupied (and fat). We played games , lit candles and put up some fairy lights , from the christmas tree that was ready to be packed up .

finally without the ipad
the same place nobody was in sight at 3 am
our make shift tent

We fell asleep , me first and then , I woke up at 3 am , found nobody around except myself . Leaving me to pack up, blow out the candles , switch off the lights , and head inside , where it was comfortable .

We also managed a stay – home – reunion dinner outside at our porch. Our favorite food from Jing-ze and the Szechuan restaurant that aims to kill our taste buds .Not to forget the champagne to usher in the Ox .

we invited ourselves with an e-card , sent by us to ourselves
yee sang to mess up the table

Lock downs have helped us unleash our arty side , that we never knew. More family time , for sure.


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