Redang was the plan , but Kuala Selangor it was , due to the movement restrictions.

We started the day , like any other, waking up and getting dressed for school. To be later told, to undress because , after all , it’s her birthday , that automatically warrants a day off.

We took a morning stroll with her Ammama , to have roti canai and Milo Ais before we got packed for our little day trip.

Off we went on a 1.5 hours drive , with two pit stops , one at McDonalds and another pee break before we got on our speedboat into the sea. Ride was a little choppy ,we nearly thought we were going to see dolphins ( but slowly realized it was a false announcement by the boat captain!).And then , 1/2 hour later , we reached a sand bank , right smack in the middle of the sea. We patted little crabs and immersed our feet in mud , in between taking photos by our very talented photographer. Got to say , these guys do a pretty great job.

After 2.5 hours,we returned to the jetty , tired and hungry. Stopped by a riverside restaurant, broke our ” vege Friday” rule, and indulged on a seafood lunch. Sadly , it was mediocre.

Next on the itinery was Sekinchan, 25 km away. We headed to N.16 cafe , for dessert on a redesigned bus. Lucky for us, it was a weekday , so no waiting time .The airconditioned bus helped , as it was scorching hot outside. Service is slow on the bus . Only drinks and cake, on the menu but it took about 25 minutes to arrive . That prompted the girls and I to take a stroll by the paddy fields outside. Gotta love small towns.

  • only squatting toilets here
  • minimum spend of RM 15 per person if you visit this bus

Two slices of cake and coffee later , we drove 2.5km to a fisherman’s village , Pantai Redang . Here lies the Wishing tree , a really pretty tree with hanging red ribbons , consisting of many wishes written on them . There was nobody there to give us those ribbons , so the kids walked amongst the ribbons ,hoping for good luck.

There is also a beach here, with the shore filled with hundreds of seashells that the kids absolutely adored . Despite the heat , they spent time just burrowing through the sand . We then climbed up a tree house ( many around on the beach ) and rested for 2 minutes before it was time for eagle feeding , 25 km away , at the same jetty . I would recommend this family run business , Fun Life , we have been using them for years , and they never disappoint.

Lucky for us, it was seagull season as well. What a lovely sight during sunset , as the birds flew very close to the boat. We spent time bird watching , and left after a fulfilling 15 minutes.

It was finally time to head home . We had dinner at Yarl, her choice , and all she wanted was rice and rasam with our family of 10. It was a pretty good day , I think!

Looks like she had a good time

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