minggu #18

I got up to some good stuff the last few weeks. Not bad for the final days of 2020 , I guess!


With the call for an extended CMCO , we knew Deepavali would be quieter. Always at Aruna’s the night before , this time we were going to be home alone.To slightly amp up the mood, Fatty , Amma and I roamed ( irresponsibly) in Brickfields two days prior to Deepavali .Amidst many many people who…

42 in lockdown

This year was all kinds of amazing. Started on the eve , with a surprise treat by my 2 patients. Breakfast with Ba . Zoom party on my birthday.Cards galore.An entire day of goodies. Annual birthday dinner. Just like ol’ times…………reminds me of how much they can eat and how much rubbish we can talk….