With the call for an extended CMCO , we knew Deepavali would be quieter. Always at Aruna’s the night before , this time we were going to be home alone.To slightly amp up the mood, Fatty , Amma and I roamed ( irresponsibly) in Brickfields two days prior to Deepavali .Amidst many many people who probably felt the same way,we thoroughly enjoyed the hour we spent , purchased some fireworks, some Deepavali decoration and soaked up the vibe.While at dinner, we decided , why not call the neighborhood kids and their parents for some fireworks fun,

What clearly started out as a boring Deepavali, quickly turned into a night to remember.We had food , fireworks , conversations and shrieks of laughter .

our neighborhood bunch

This year , with the lockdown , we didn’t have our cousins over .Instead, we managed a lunch at a Chinese restaurant nearby.

outside the restaurant

And followed by Deepavali at the in-laws

Deepavali that ended the morning after

Got to say, it was great one pre Shasthi fast.

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