Cyan Spa


With the hot weather, there s nothing more inviting than a massage. Many , many massage parlours line the road on Fisherman’s Village. But , it’s seldom you get a massage with a view.

Cyan Spa , wins because of the views. Facing the beach , well the massage beds face the beach, the entrance faces the road.Very nice ambience , polite staff , well renovated .

Its low peak now ( late October , early November  starts to welcome the rain ) , so the prices are slashed by 30%.We were their first customers for the day, at 11 am. Samui seemed like a very sleep town,  shops don’t open till well over 1 pm. We had a body massage at the VIP room ( facing the sea, yo) and it cost us just over RM 30 per person. Seriously, if I had a few more days, I would have had one thrice a day.

What more, on a hot day, always nice getting tucked in an air conditioned room with an out of this world view.



So we got escorted in, feet washed and ushered into our VIP room.





It was a relaxing massage , not one of those hard-core ones. My husband fell asleep , as usual . To my disappointment ,not only was my husband snoring ,  the masseurs didn’t stop talking the entire hour.They weren’t to me , but amongst themselves. As their hands massaged, their mouths did all the talking too. I nearly screamed , ” can you please zip it!!!!”

BUT, technically , during a body massage , you generally face down onto the floor or face up on to the wall. So you don’t get to appreciate the views. If I could do it all over again, I would choose an hour-long foot massage ( that’s situated downstairs) where all the chairs face the sea.That way you get the views while you having a massage.

All in all, Yes I loved it , but their constant conversation through out the massage killed it for me.


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