Going away guilt

T- 10

Ten days to my annual sleepless nights  mixed with dreaded moments just before  I have to say goodbye to our little family .

How do I prepare for those days.

Ice cream as a meal replacement . (Download the maxis app, it’s 1 for 1 at Haagen Dazs)

  • Pressies for every day we’re away .Dont be fooled , only the bags are from Smiggles .
  • Forget homework.We color. As much as I hate eraser dust on the bed, times like these require closing an eye .
  • Hornbill feeding .The bird park is MY idea of a national treasure.Love it.
  • There is something about fountain watching.Water bobbing to the sound of music at the walkway between Midvalley and the Gardens.
  • Moonlighting with ice cream .Evening views of the neighborhood park .The young having beers ,cheaper than having it at clubs .Aunties line dancing to the tunes of the 80s. And us ….eating again.
  • Makan durian tepi jalan
  • A&W root beer float .The bad news is …..there ‘s 540 calories in it .Weird that A&W lists the calories to each item on the menu ! Such a turn off.
  • Water fights .Cheapest adrenaline packed activity .
  • Sugar rush !
  • Hope this heals my guilt .
  • Now ………ola ! summer days
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    1. Sivaghami Palaniveloo says:

      Happy Hols Pho!

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