Malacca #Sinnathamby Edition

Nothing like a holiday after a wedding.

Packed up in many cars , ready to hit the roads . Never left to Malacca so late , but we did!


Things to eat / do

We stayed at the Wyndham by Ramada – Paid 234 nett with breakfast .Location was enpointe.


Kedai Kopi Mei Sin

Located 2 minutes slow walk from our hotel , we had many , many meals here.

Nyonya laksa – so nice. Owner initally unfriendly, then gets friendlier the more you order


Fried Kuey Teow – Specifically tell him to make it spicy! The elderly Uncle is the sweetest!

Satay – Nice , go early otherwise it sells out by 2 pm( Chicken better than Lamb)

Chicken rice – OK

      kuey teow

Yee char kuey in the evenings


Sharing Plates

Located opposite the hotel. Never had the tummy space to try , but the younger generation in our group LOVED IT.

to try – chocolate chip waffle, salted gula melaka latte , hot ( dark) chocolate, banana waffle

Jam tarts – Christina YeeOn Jonkers , apparently the nicest , they tasted.


Old Merchantrare find on the river of Malacca .Probably the only valid speak easy in Malacca.


Baba Charlie CafeLocated in Tengkera , about 20 minutes in moderate traffic. Worth the trip , great food ,tons of parking , not so friendly owner.With 25 of us in the group, he ” forced” us to order the set meals because it’s just easier , apparently .Price you pay when you want tasty food.


They also own Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake , fresh nyonya kuihs that sell out super fast , as well.

Walking along Indian street before Hard Rock


Out and about in Melaka!

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