Sangria @ Cava

If you re a mum ,  working and need to run errands that keep piling up through out the week, then social time is between 5pm – 8 pm , just before homework time starts at 8:30 pm.

After numerous calls to meet up and many ” sorry babes, I cant make it today. My daughter is unwell” last minute cancellations …………..we finally made it at 5 pm . And yes, everybody needed alcohol.

So the doors opened at Cava about 5:30 pm , and the first jug of white sangria arrived. If you re a fan of sangria ( Or even if you aren’t) , you must try this.Very refreshing , with just the right amount of alcohol . Point to note, it tastes  like it hasnt enough alcohol but it slowly crepts up into the system.

Since it was too early for dinner , we stuck to tapas instead of the mains. We ordered the Prawns a la Plancha (RM 29). There were about 5 prawns swimming in garlic and chilli oil . Perfectly dipped in with bread. Don’t forget to ask for their chilli padi paste . Totally to die for. Also, the ,Baked Portobello Mushrooms with garlic and walnuts ( RM 26.50).   ( LOVE!!) . Then came the Lamb Boulettes in Tomato Sauce, little 6 lamb balls   ( RM 24.40).Not a fan , perhaps because I dont like the taste of the tomatoes. But the rest loved it , so it must be good. The vegetarians had a pumpkin soup (RM 19.10). Was ok .

As we were on our 3 rd jug of sangria ( its RM 19.10 for a glass by the way ), we decided to celebrate the August birthdays.Anything to have some dessert before heading home for homework time.

We had the chocolate dream ,  if you have no patience, dont order this , as it took nearly 30 minutes of preparation time ( they did warn us ) .If you re a chocolate fan, 100%  win. And , the other was  the sticky date pudding. I preferred the latter because it was baked just nice and perfectly combined with vanilla ice cream.

3 hours later, with our buzzing happy heads, we all made our way home to the kids and reality.

” Eat well, live brave , have fun ” and that we did.

For enquiries:


71, Jalan Bangkung,Bukit Bandaraya,

59100, Kuala Lumpur

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