my year – looking back

2017 , hmmm lots of up and the occasional downs.

Financially, I do feel the economy has hit us , and me, hard. Earning is static but the expenditures have nearly doubled making it harder to survive. My biggest boo would be less holidays made , thats just sadddddd.

BUT, as for memories , I think It might be my best year to date.

First would have been not needing to cry when I left London , knowing my favourite person was coming home in a few days. 365 days was just too long . I still remember the day he left , that left me crying for days. SO , having the ordeal over was the best thing ever.



It was also the first time I felt and kissed snow  followed by that dinner that I was craving for at PaPalm Beach ( Wembley) , tick. Technically , (my) Michelin starred restaurant ❤.

Fourteenth February  in Amsterdam , how dope was that ! It was cold and snowy and totally not my kind of romantic but STILL , I can say I spent Valentine’s in Amsterdam  .It was also my scariest day, knowing I had left our passports in the hotel safe , when we were minutes away from reaching the airport.  And that adrenaline rush knowing we might not make it on the flight back. You will not imagine that ordeal we went through racing back to the hotel.( we did , by the way. Thanks to my Mei Mei. THAT fat ass CAN run in the snow)


Then , my girl trip to Bangkok to watch Coldplay , via a water taxi.  Probably the best concert everrrr. All in 24 hours , to make it back for a little girl’s birthday the next day.



Coldplay in concert, Arena stadium , Bangkok


Made my other little girl’s birthday come true with a party at Jungle Gym. That joy was just…..woahhhh.


Not to forget the  adult skating, that got us laughing in stitches.Yes , Tigress. Nothing like a good butt exercise regime with our head’s buzzing with margaritas.

In June , had an epic trip with Amma to Trichy . Also found THE temple that I have been trying to hunt down for years . And Voila, our  driver practically parked and told us to wander in . It almost felt like I found my light . I  wandered everywhere and stared in awe at such beautiful structures , so pure and oozing holiness.It was quiet with nobody else around , just me and  this beauty.

Thiruvalanchuzhi temple in Kumbakonam


Airavateshwara Temple Darasuram, UNESCO heritage site.

Managed to witness a wedding , of an amazing woman finding her one true love.

Wedding at the Chitambara Villas, Karaikudi, Thiruchi

Rooftop of Chitambara Villas, Karaikudi

Promised Viper I would start exercising , signed up at a fitness centre and did a run.         ( Color run , so I would have fun while running / walking ) I mean, if anybody knew me, this would just sound absurd , but done and dusted.

Color RUN , KL

Coaxed into starting a blog , did/doing  and loving it. Thank you Tigress , my biggest cheerleader anybody could ever ask for.

And , then having practically the best birthday ever, organized by superwoman, Viper. Who gets to have a surprise bash at Nadodi with a vegetarian nasi lemak cake?To top it all, nearly all my favourite people in one room . A very expensive room, I must say. I tried not to defecate for days, to keep it all in and age it like wine.

(not to forget , lots of giggles from Tigress, as well)

Right after , a holiday in Samui with Mei Mei , who has regressed into  enjoying not doing anything on holiday. Party pooper Mei Mei.

And then an after party at Aliyaa. A very touching cake- party with my work family at Sugar rush . And the gift …oh wow, the best unboxing experience ever.Seriously, this gift I will cherish for life. It was so much love in it.



That practically sums up my year till November. December will deserve an entire blog on its own.

2018 , don’t dissapoint!

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