In the times of Corona

Lockdown -18/3/2020-22/3/2020

Parents reminisce a lot about May 13 th .Looks like we have a similar story for our kids, too –The virus that tarnished our world.

It was Aleeyah’s birthday , but with the lockdown , our holiday plans got shelved.

Birthday at home , on our customary table , as always.

A photo session at home , with a selfie stick.


Played charades .

Then UNO.


We cooked .


We planked


Movie nights , calls for very late mornings.


Kakak feels Covid-19 is God’s way of saying , “Dunia sudah tua , tak boleh tahan lagi”.

I love the way she loves Aleeyah, and vice versa. Hope this never gets old.


Despite the gloom , we found  ” bloom” , in our own makeshift way. Not sure how this week will hold up .Stay tuned folks.



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